The biggest turn ons for men

10 Biggest Turn ONs for Men

Hey there sexy Internet dweller. I’ve already discussed the biggest turn OFFs for men on a first date, so today I am going to get to the heart of the matter and hit you with the BIGGEST Turn ONs for men. Despite the obnoxious, click-baity headline that sounds like some topic on the cover of a chick magazine, knowing what turns a guy on is a great way to remain cognizant in order to keep your eye on the prize.

The prize being to land the perfect guy so your mother will finally get off your back (and move on to bugging you about children).

After doing the whole Google search thing to see what the gen-pop thinks on the subject, I am more compelled than ever to write this. I saw countless articles on the Inter-web that sounded like they were written by a bunch of women in an office who all own cats and watch too many Rom-Coms on Netflix.

So here is a list to ponder on as you soak in your next bubble bath lamenting the last guy you went out with.


biggest men turn ons

Nothing smells of sex more than giving. The truth of the matter is that when it comes to finding love, it all starts, ends and repeats from a place of generosity. Giving with no expectation of getting, even when all your previous dating follies tell you be on guard, is the ultimate test of faith. Yet that test of faith is what will make the guy in front of you realize that you are a mature woman and not that club girl out to get something.


biggest men turn ons

Let me tell you, nothing will make a man run faster than a nag or a woman he feels he has to walk on eggs shells with. If he wanted a shrill nag he would have stayed with his ex. Letting things roll of your back and showcasing that you are easygoing, doesn’t necessary mean you are a push over, but is the hallmark of a woman who is confident and not overly invested in him.

Displaying Talent

biggest men turn ons

Talent comes in all shapes and sizes, but when a girl displays a talent and passionate interest in something, a guy will make a mental bookmark separating you from the herd. So if you happen to have a beautiful voice and love to sing like a nightingale, impress your man (I am looking at you girl I wake up next to on a regular basis).

Cooking for him (and shutting up about it)

Nothing is sexier than a woman who can take charge of the kitchen and throw down. Men love a woman who can keep him satiating for more. Nothing is cooler and more of turn on for men than a gal who loves to treat him and act like this how she rolls.

Gentle-Calmness – A touch of femininity

biggest men turn ons

A relaxed disposition has a calming affect, and oddly enough may remind the lad in front of you of his soothing mother (weird and gross at the same time). However, being at ease and calm will help his energy shine and he we will feel more masculine.

Loving his Body

biggest men turn ons

Just as females may feel pressure by society’s standard to have a certain bust, your gentleman caller may also feel a little lack luster compared to the Instagramable fitness dudes smothered all over the web. Showing your attraction for his body is a sure fire way to make him want you more. He may even feel inspired to hit the gym and get that Dad-bod that is all the rage these days.

Loving your Body and Sexuality

biggest men turn ons

Just as much as you appreciating his body is a real turn on for men, a confident woman who isn’t afraid of being human is a huge turn on. Just as women appreciate a confident guy every situation, a woman who can be confident with her sexuality will sex her apart from other girls who are still operating at the behest of what the advertising industry says is sexy.

Showing appreciation

biggest men turn ons

Believe it or not, most men work hard to please women. Maybe it goes back to the days of trying to please mom (again, weird, but kind of normal). Showing you appreciate him and his efforts, whether it be bring home the bacon, cleaning house or doing that yard work you had no idea needed to be done — showing him you recognize his hard work will make him feel more masculine, as such, he will also be more turned on by your approval.

Heels, Yoga Pants, Cleavage…oh my

biggest men turn ons

I probably don’t need to go into the details of how a sexy pair of heels make your legs pop, or how your bust poking out a bit will make men more engaged, but taking the time to get the details right in your appearance can make the difference – whether men admit to it or not. This one is primal. So use evolutionary biology to your advantage here and set fire to his caveman urges.

Caring for yourself, your body and your mind

biggest men turn ons

And last, but not least, seeing a woman take care of her mind, body and soul shows us that you are a woman, and not just some club girl. Taking time for you and doing everything you can to improve your quality of life is taking power and responsibility. See you sweat from a tough fitness session or doing some bendy yoga poses doesn’t hurt either. So gitty up and get your health on.

The key to making so many of ‘the little things you do’ turn into magical turn ons that he can’t stop thinking about is not to advertise it. Seriously. If you are ‘it’, this magical creature who remembers to put his boxers in the dyer in the early morning so his jones is pleasantly fresh, you don’t even need to mention it because it isn’t out of the ordinary for you. You are just being who you are and are not putting on a front.

As the Buddhist monk said ‘The true self is always coming through’. While most men may play the buffoon caveman, oblivious to his surroundings until a tiger is at his feet, deep down, humans know when you are just acting the part. And when a woman, genuinely displays these biggest turn ons for men…watch out. For you may have just awoke that beast you have desired. ROAR.

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