What do guys think of sex on the first date?

ASK A GUY: What do guys think of sex on the first date?

Dear Turner,

What do guys think of sex on the first date?


No, no I mean what do…


Sorry, I was in my man trance there over the question of sex on the first date. Ha typical male. So back the to the plot. You go out with a lad, gentleman, scoundrel, etc. on a first date and things go well enough that you end up doing the dirty. Congratulations – you are a liberated, free spirited lady who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to buck societal taboos and double standards of yesteryear. But the next day, possibly with in a halo of a hangover, doubts begin to surface about being judged by that gentleman caller of the night. You liked him after all and want there to be a second and third date (and babies and picket fences – let’s be honest ladies?).

So what do guys think of sex on the first date?

As always, every guy and his values, views of gender roles etc. is different, however, nowadays, I think guys are much less judgmental than they used to be. Take this non-scientific survey of 100 males. 75% of the men polled on the subject of – Would you Date Someone Who Slept with You on the First Date – said they wouldn’t begrudge a girl for making the physical leap so early on, and on the contrary, they thought the girl would be more liberated.

As for myself, I am like an orchid, blossoming with a multitude of different layers on any subject (and who says guys aren’t complicated?). I would be pretty hypocritical in the least to harshly deem a girl not datable material just because we both consented to a romp in the hay on our first meet up. However, that being said, I would, and I think most guys in the aforementioned survey, would tread forward paying keen attention.

But WAIT there Turner, why didn’t he call me later?

As mentioned in detail in – Why Do Men Not Call When They Say They Will – there is always the possibility that A) he was devious and only out for a one night stand (dick move) or B) that he just didn’t feel enough sexual chemistry and excitement going forward (shit happens). You could spend time pull out your hair, bitching to your friends about how terrible men are, or you could try to look at it from a different perspective: He saved you time to find someone else with whom you will have better sexual chemistry. Someone who will be excited to be with you. Keeping a positive, open, and carefree attitude is one of the most attractive qualities of either sex. So go forth free spirited, independent minded lady, and don’t fret over the rules of ‘yesteryear’, you are better off no matter how the hand unfolds.

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