Can psychics be wrong about relationships?

Whether you’re confused about a guy or you’ve just been dumped, it can be super tempting to visit a psychic for the answers.

Is he into me? Will he come back? Is there a new man on the horizon for me? – these are just some of the “love” questions you might want the answers to.

Lots of people visit psychics for comfort and reassurance that their ex will come back or love is just around the corner.

But what if the actually psychic doesn’t see a future with the object of your affection? What if they don’t provide the words of comfort you wanted?

Well….it can be upsetting to be told something you didn’t want to hear. This can then lead to an addiction in visiting more and more psychics for a second, third, or fourth opinion. And the likelihood is, you will find one of them who will say what you want to hear.

It is possible that some people have heightened psychic/intuitive abilities, but the problem is, there are also so-called psychics out there who are just taking advantage of others. And different people pick up on different things, anyway.

I’ve visited psychics over the years and none of them accurately guessed my dating future. One told me I would meet a guy in an airport – we would bump into each other “just like in the movies.” It never happened.

Another told me she envisioned me dating a man “in a suit with a briefcase, possibly a diplomat”. That also never happened.

One time a psychic looked at a photo of the guy I was dating and adamantly told me; “this is the man you will marry”. But when things started to go very pear shaped, all of a sudden she said; “perhaps there are other men out there for you.”

There was a psychic who told me I would meet a man with the name beginning “M” and that he was “nipping at my heels.” He never showed up.

I never had a psychic correctly guess the name of a man in my life. If a psychic said to me, “You’re dating a guy called Tarquin, is that correct?” then maybe that would have been impressive. But alas, always vague questions like “You have an admirer beginning with S?” (I didn’t have any man in my phone book beginning with S.)

So can psychics be wrong about relationships? Absolutely. Are they ever correct?

Well, sometimes they were correct about what wouldn’t happen. “No he’s not the right guy for you” and “No, I’m sorry your ex won’t come back” – those guesses were correct sometimes and honestly, they hurt. I didn’t want to believe those predictions but they were true. But the future predictions never came to pass.

From experience I concluded that psychic advice from a third party is never as good as your own intuition on a relationship.

We are all a bit psychic

When you have doubts and things go wrong in relationships, do you ever wonder whether you’re creating self-fulfilling prophecies or whether you just have really strong intuition?

I’m inclined to say that it’s intuition and you’re just choosing not to follow it. We’re all a little bit psychic, especially if you’re an empath and you’re highly empathetic.

The key is to trust your gut and don’t discard the red flags. So how can you follow your intuition more?

Well, first of all, pay attention to your physical reactions. Do you feel sweaty, sick or anxious when you’re communicating with that person? Do the hairs on your arms stand on end? Do you feel like something’s just a bit “off”? This could literally be your gut talking.

Sometimes it can feel like we’re being guided by the universe to do something, or not do something.

Have you ever made plans to do something but for some unbeknown reason you just really don’t feel like going? Or perhaps you’re on your way home but feel the sudden urge to pop into a bar? This could be your intuition talking.

Sometimes it’s best to go with the natural flow of events, as opposed to trying to stick with the plan.

And when it comes to relationships, use your instincts. If a guy’s words don’t match his actions, if it feels like he just wants sex, if the relationship isn’t working for you, then listen to what your intuition is telling you, don’t ignore it.

It’s very easy to start asking friends for advice on what to do. Or what to say or not say. But only you are in that particular situation. So go with what feels right to you.

And if you really want the answers, ask the person you’re dating, not a psychic.

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