Dating Australia: What You Need To Know As A Foreigner

In the Land Down Under, you might think that everything is all about death. This place has always been in the news and other sites as having the most dangerous animals. Crocs can just appear on your sidewalk. Snakes can go out of your ceiling and crawl down to your body. Killer spiders roam around looking for an unsuspecting shoe to house into. 

We don’t even want to talk about magpies since they are the worst as you can read in this article. On the other hand, the people seemed to have thrived from this situation and they are now considered as the international drinking buddy of the world. 

There are also many reasons why so many people in the dating scene seem to be interested in Australians. Some mention their twang: the way that they speak seems to be more pleasant sounding than the other previous United Kingdom colonies. 

Their word choices also seem to fascinate people from other countries. Colloquial terms like sheila, gobby, bogan and outback have been a part of this fascination with Aussie culture. The celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Cate Blanchett also help, since they are the ones that people use as an image when they think about Australians. It may not be the most accurate, but they do represent the country for some people.

The World of Dating

This influence has also affected the dating world. When people meet Australians overseas in a dating app or something, they always mention a celebrity. Some of them even think that all people from the Down Under are chiseled, sun kissed, and the mellifluous twang is omnipresent. 

There is some truth in this as you might see in many Instagram posts and other social media websites. They share all the wonderful beaches and glorious scenery along with glistening bodies and ramp-ready men and women. Now, this is also known as an effective advertisement. 

If you are looking for a hot Australian to date, then it is not much different from the rest of the world. There will be many people that would not be up to your standards, and it can be difficult to get ahold of the “hot” ones that you mentioned. 

There are some cases wherein it can be considered to be alright if you are just looking at the physical characteristics. However, if this is your only basis on finding a partner that can potentially last, then this way of thinking might be a problem. 

Once you arrive here, you will find that this is just a normal place except it is full of Australians. You can learn more about the Aussie’s dating culture in websites such as and the like. You might even find a match there! 

Yes, the dating scene is something to look forward to. You will find that a lot of Australians can just act like everybody else in your age level or interest. There will be some unpleasant experiences while there will also be spectacular ones that you might wish to last a lifetime. 

There are some things though that can be considered as a particular in the Aussie dating life. It can be quite perplexing to be introduced in a new culture. However, if you assimilate well, then you would be able to find a bit of success. 

Some Information on the Aussie Date Life

  1. Most Aussies love to talk, especially with their colloquial language.

This is something that you need to know before even meeting a local for the first time. Now, if you are just going to be alone together, then the language will not be much of a problem. You can enjoy listening to how they speak their words in that way. 

However, trouble comes in once you have already made a connection and you need to meet with his or her friends. This time, the language starts to get blurry. You might think that they are not speaking English anymore. To that, you need to familiarize yourself with the common Aussie words and phrases.

  1. Alcohol will be present at some point.

There is another thing that can make conversation blurry: alcohol. Australians love their alcohol, especially beer. You think that Americans piss beer, while down under it is flooding. You can never attend any kind of gathering without a single drop of an alcoholic drink. It is almost a prerogative, as it is their custom to celebrate with beer and other spirits as well. 

Most of them would also encourage you to drink with them and it can sour the experience if you decline. However, if you have some sort of medical condition or you are not into it, then you can just respectfully say no. Meanwhile, it is not their fault if you thought that fruity drink on the counter is alcohol-free. 

  1. Casual dating is the thing

If you are from a more conservative society, then the Aussie dating ways might surprise you. First off, most people would have multiple partners to date with especially if they are just beginning to explore their new life. As long as you are not yet committed to the relationship, you can meet other people to test the waters. 

Also, hookups can happen but you can always say no to that if you do not want to do anything. Social media like Facebook provides ways of meeting other people even if you cannot meet face-to-face yet. Dating apps are also used quite often, so it might be time to register to those of your choosing.

  1. Little to no judgment on dating preferences

Speaking of which, there are little to no rules when it comes to dating here. You can date whoever you want, provided that it is a consensual experience. Even though there will always be a pushback against the LGBTQ community, it seems that it is more open these days. Just a few years back, their marriage laws have been amended to include them as well. 

Meanwhile, you can still meet other people through the medium that you prefer. For example, you can meet online or at work. There are even some stories of people meeting the love of their lives in the outback. The situation here might not be perfect, but at least you have the freedom to choose on who to love.

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