Dildos Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Before you blush and turn the color of beetroot just from reading the title of this article, pause and take a minute. Is it the wording that makes you giggle or even cringe inside, or is it the image that pops into your head? It could be from a memory, or a movie you saw or even a fantasy you think about.

No matter the reason, we know they are out there, and if you have one and it’s working its magic, hats off to you. And why not? Are we not entitled to be pleasured? Are we not allowed to decide the method in which the pleasure is given and received? Well, if not then I quit. I signed up for a creative class here people, I have one life and I’m going to live it to the fullest.

What is pleasure?

For the most part with regards to this topic of conversation, it’s that exhausted feeling teamed with heavy breathing and a smile so big it hurts your face. Well for me it is. 

But in more technical, blazer wearing terms, it means a positive mental state which animals and humans search for to have that state of euphoria. Click here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pleasure and see what it’s all about concerning the philosophy and psychology behind it.

How to Find your pleasure.

For everyone it is different, we don’t all enjoy chocolate cake or lemon cake, we know what we like and what we want. Me, I just love cake. But finding the right cake for you can take time, practice and experience. Certain ‘ingredients’ react differently when either baked or fried, you have to research what works for you. What makes you full.

Finding your way can be done in a variety of…methods and techniques shall we say. There’s reading saucy novels, watching porn or a cheeky film, to playing with yourself and/or your partner with or without the use of toys. So many to choose from, so little time. 

You do need to know what is and what isn’t comfortable for you, you don’t have to go down the list of positions or toy guide if you don’t want to. Try what tickles your fancy, you’ll anyways enjoy it more. If you’re adventurous then, by all means, do your warm-up, stretch and get the party started. 

There are also parts on the body that have a lot of nerve endings, and you feel aroused or turned on when these are massaged and touched. Again, it’s a trial and error process, if you are comfortable with your other half you can always tell them what is working for you. I think men like to be told anyways, saves them straining to try read our minds am I right?

Stages of Sexual Response.

Like with most things, a process usually comes full circle. The starter, main course, and dessert. And the same goes for having sex or reaching a sexual climax, the orgasm. You can, however, read this page for some cheeky tips and tricks to reach that volcanic eruption of senses. But let’s take a look at the ins and outs. 

  • Stimulation. Believe it or not, this can even happen in your sleep. It’s that first raindrop, the first flower bloom and that first peek of sunshine through the clouds. Something’s coming, and it’s time to get ready. So, get down the grocery store and get those ingredients.
  • Desire. Need. Want. This is where your brain and mind have control over your body. Your physical being is tingling and energized with sexual energy, the blood is pumping, the heart is playing the drums like a solo act, and you’ve preheated the oven.
  • Base Camp. This is where you reach the plateau stage, you are aroused, and you keep it going with either having intercourse or masturbating. The cake is in the oven and things are heating up to the desired temperature.
  • Explosion. This is where the plateau ends, and you shoot out of that canon at the circus, like a spaceman going into orbit. Orgasm. The ding of the oven goes off. The cake is baked. And you are a heap of sweat, endorphins and all raging hormones are cheering like a world cup final.
  • Resolution. Once the last slice has been eaten and the plate is empty. The body goes back to its normal state of well-being. Till another day when we call for cake!

Fun Toys.

As a kid, as an adult, we all love toys. Big, small, or remote controlled. Come to think of it, it’s probably been the reason why we might enjoy the adult toys so much although adult toys are a touch more expensive, and usually have to either stay hidden or in a special storage behind the clothes in the walk-in wardrobe.

The variety has also skyrocketed. Yes, you can go into an ‘adult’ shop, but they usually tend to be dark and dingy and there’s a sad, greasy-haired girl sitting on her phone behind the counter who couldn’t be bothered to look up when you walk in.

Or you could go online and delve into the abyss of never-ending options. Have a look at this page to find the best dildos, it has the ins and outs of the various types and models, and more excitingly, the speeds.

We can guarantee to have more than one pair of shoes or jackets for all weather types, it should be no concern then to have more than one toy. Besides, who wants the same cake every night? Don’t get me wrong, but let’s throw some sprinkles in the mix and change it up once in a while. The more the merrier as they say.

Dildos are great for many functions, it can be to get the appetizers doing the rounds, assist while eating mains or perhaps just do all the work while you sit back and enjoy the ride. Either way, it’s never a dull moment. So, add sprinkles to your life and get baking.

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