How Sexting Works For Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is not for the faint hearted, it has been found that without the right communication and strong bonds between partners, it always leads to breakups. Sexting is one of the ways that have been invented to keep these sorts of relationships going; through sexting, the partners are able to keep the romance flames burning and spell-bound to each other.

How to Sext with Your Partner when they are away

Your partner may be away traveling or living away from you but you both want to keep the relationship ties as strong as if you were still together physically. Through sexting, this is achievable since you can both play out your sexual fantasies online and get each other aroused and anticipating your next moments together.  Dirty texts and seductive sharing of your own recordings, like videos and pictures are just but the few ways partners can sext.

Some sex psychologists argue that sexting sexual tension builds up between partners, distracting them from cheating in the bid to fulfill and play out their fantasies that have been aroused by the sexts. This, therefore, necessitates that partners only sexts what is within their abilities, avoid going overboard with those dirty chats as they will make the list of what your partner is expecting in your next meeting. 

The Dos and Don’ts in Sexting for Long Distance Relationships


Do get creative and as nasty as you can comfortably get when you physically with your partner. This allows your partner to look forward and fantasize about your next time together, which is a great way to keep the romance steaming hot. Creativity means that you can spice up those nudes or messages by including something that you both can try out comfortably.

Do make your sexting as real as possible. Fantasies are good but when you over imagine something that you both cannot achieve in a million years, the whole sexting thing becomes bogus. You both want to feel like you together in real time and it can only make sense when you both can actualize what you been chatting about in your next time together.

With the sudden rise in the number of apps that allow people to sext, it has become paramount that you counter check the sexting apps you are using to sext, it should be secure and safe from leaks that may be detrimental. For example, it should allow you to verify and be sure that your message is going to only the specified recipient.


Don’t make sexting a solution to relationship squabbles. Settle your differences first before indulging into sexting since both partners need to be emotionally invested into a relationship to have a decent sex chat.

Saving those naughty clips, photos or messages may be tempting but it is very risky. It is advisable to delete them or save them where no one else can access them. This therefore, points out that you should never use office gadgets such as computers and phones unless you can retrieve and delete everything that is personal from them.

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