How to Date a Transgender Person: 5 Essential Tips for Starting a Relationship With a Trans Woman or Trans Man

Beginning a relationship with a trans woman or a trans man can mean blazing a whole new path for yourself. It’s just not something you can look up to figure out how to do. It’s simply not a traditional dating scenario and most people have never done it before. That’s why it’s a good idea to figure out how you’d like your date to go and what you’d like to happen. Once that happens, you can have a date that you’ll both enjoy.

5. Don’t base it on any other relationship you’ve had

The first thing you have to realize is that this relationship isn’t going to be like any other that you’ve had. It won’t be like dating a man and it won’t be like dating a woman. It will be exactly like dating a trans man or a trans woman and that’s all there is to it. Don’t go into this type of relationship thinking you know what you’re doing. Expecting the traditional roles to play out likely won’t lead you anywhere that you want to be.

4. Look where you’re more likely to find a partner

The most important thing to do before you can start your relationship is to find a place where you can find the trans person of your dreams. You’re not going to be coming across them everywhere. Relying on the local bars or clubs just won’t cut it for you. You’ll most likely have to go online to find the shemale hookup that you’re looking for. Finding a good site that’s filled with trans people is your best bet for getting together with someone who’s in your area and looking for dates.

3. Decide on a date or a hookup

You’ll also need to figure out if you want a date or a hookup. It’s key to know the difference between the two. A date may lead to more dates. What it may not lead to is sex. If you just want sex, you’re going to want to look for a hookup. There are plenty of trans men and women who are seeking out both things. You never really know how far things can go until you try them both out. Just make sure the other person knows exactly what you’re in the market for.

2. Decide on the sex

The other really important thing to worry about is the kind of sex that you want to have. Plenty of men and women out there want to have the normal sex they’re used to with a trans person. That’s perfectly okay. Once again, you just have to make sure that the other person is on board with it. A woman dating a trans man needs to make it clear that she’s only interested in a traditional sexual arrangement. It will save you from all kinds of embarrassment and frustration at the end of the night.

1. Don’t rush things

Just make sure that you take things slow. This is a totally new way of dating that you’re not used to. You also don’t really know anything about it. Just take your time and let things happen naturally. There’s no sense in rushing into something that you don’t fully understand. It will never end well for you at all. Just slow down and let it all happen at its own pace. That’s the best way that you can go about sating a trans man or a trans woman for the very first time.

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