How to Get Back Your GF and Rekindle a Strong and Loving Relationship

Your life was perfectly alright back then—living your sense of purpose, volunteering, you had a job you love doing, your black-and-white husky named Codie is the sweetest thing on earth, and you’re living in a vintage-industrial apartment just like what you’ve always wished for. Until, that day came. 

For you, it was just a Saturday afternoon at the coffee shop. You were sipping some cappuccinos, until she walked in and took a seat on the table right in front of you. She pulled out a book from her bag and started reading as she waited for her order. You can’t help but glance at her. At first, they were just a few quick glances until you didn’t realize you can’t keep your eyes off her. Amazed, you keep telling yourself “Wow, how can she sit there and read a book and look so beautiful and vibrant?” 

Then, you gathered up some courage and walked up to her. The simple chat you were expecting turned into several hours of conversation and laughter. Sparks flew in an instant. For you it was serendipity. You weren’t even looking for a girlfriend, but that typical Saturday afternoon changed your life. 

Fast forward two years later, she left feeling unhappy in the relationship. You were in the corner of your room thinking, “What went wrong?”

Reasons Why People Leave

It takes two people to make or break a relationship. There could be negative influences, challenges, and bad events, but it is up to them whether they would stay faithful until the end or decide to end the relationship. It is important then to honestly evaluate the current relationship you had with your ex-girlfriend. What was her reason for leaving? While it isn’t good to keep blaming yourself for what happened, you also need to realize the things you did or didn’t do that contributed to the problem. Read a related content about that here

Finding out the real exact reason why the relationship has ended is crucial if you want to rekindle it. Once a second chance is granted, you’ll know how to handle the relationship better this time. 

Rekindling the Relationship

You need put in hard work to make any relationship work and you’d surely need extra effort to make it last. Read on to find out some general rules you should follow. 

1. First, focus on improving yourself. 

Let yourself love deeply without losing yourself. Focus on being the same person your girlfriend has fallen for. But, sure thing, you need to drop those bad habits that mostly irritate her. For example, does she hate it when you drink a lot? Is she constantly irked when you don’t take care much of your hygiene? The little things matter. Show her that you deserve a second chance. Show her that you’ve built strengths that would be valuable in your partnership. Check out to learn more specific ways on how to win your girlfriend back.

2. Make sure you’re on the same page with your goals and dreams.

It’s okay not to have the same opinion or taste on the small things such as music, movies, or food. You can always find ways on how to compromise on those things without feeling that one person is left with no choice but to adjust. However, when it comes to serious matters such as goals, religion, financial management, and child rearing, you should be on the same page. 

3. Don’t rush things, let love gradually find its way back to you.

Science says that love is more than just a feeling, it is also a choice. But don’t rush to rekindle the love in your relationship. Rather, gradually strengthen it along with trust, respect, commitment and forgiveness. Try new things together. Explore new places and experiences together. Want to fall in love over again? Ask these 36 questions:

4. Get to know her love language better. 

Each person has a unique desire on how to feel loved. For you, it could be cuddling or holding hands, but for her, it could mean old-school handwritten letters, slow-dance in the moonlight, or simply doing small thoughtful acts such as preparing breakfast for her. 

It is possible to win back past love as long as there’s a reasonable amount of hope. You’ll get there, bro. 

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