how to impress a date with your apartment

How to impress a date with your apartment

So you’re headed out on a date and there’s a chance you might be bringing them back to your apartment tonight.

Your home says a lot about you, and a smelly or dirty place can easily turn your date off in an instant.

So how can you make your place more inviting so they’ll want to come back again? Here’s how to impress a date with your apartment:

Invest in better bedding

Guys, take note. One thing I’ve noticed is that some men often skip the comforter and go for a weird multi-layered, mismatched concoction of sheets and blankets. No joke my ex had a crochet blanket on his bed that his grandmother had knitted.

Quite frankly, all those layers are annoying and the feeling of a fuzzy blanket is nowhere near as lovely as a crisp cotton sheet.

Invest in some decent bedding to impress your date when you hop between the sheets. Buy some fluffy pillows, a down comforter and some quality cotton bedding. Look for a high thread count and anything that says “Egyptian” or “Supima” cotton. Macy’s Hotel Collection is always a safe bet, as is Parachute.

Yes bedding can be pricey but you a large chunk of your life sleeping, so might as well be comfortable.

Clean up before you head out

Before you head out on a date, make sure you do a quick tidy up before you head out. That means no dishes in the sink or clothes all over the bed. You don’t have to be a neat freak but at least get rid of some of the clutter.

In general, you should be cleaning your apartment regularly, or if you don’t have time, hire a cleaner to come once a week. Make sure your bathroom is clean, vacuum the floors, throw out the trash and wipe down the kitchen after you use it.

how to impress a date with your apartment

Stock your bathroom with nice products

I can’t tell you how much women really appreciate some nice soaps and bath products in the bathroom.

If you only shampoo with Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 or body wash, it’s time to stock up on some separate shampoo and conditioner so the lady can wash her hair in the morning.

A hairdryer is also a plus. There’s nothing worse than tangled, wet hair when you’ve got to rush out for work in the morning. Extra bonus points if you have products like Molton Brown or Rituals in the bathroom.

Buy some nice scents

Your apartment may look nice, but does it smell good too? Invest in some candles, diffusers, room sprays and essential oils to leave your apartment smelling good. Just maybe don’t use them all at once!

Make your couch inviting

If you like to Netflix ‘n’ Chill then you’ll want to make sure your couch is nice and comfy. Have a blanket to hand and a couple of nice accent pillows to brighten the place up.

Use lighting to create a nice ambiance

Smart home technology is great, so why not invest in some smart light bulbs? You can dim them using your phone, so you don’t even get up off the sofa to create a seductive atmosphere. Floor lamps and fairy lights are also great ways to create a nice ambiance in the living room.

When in doubt, have light colored furnishings

Apartments look brighter and more inviting when you opt for lighter colors. Whites, creams and warm, cozy colors will make the place feel homely. You can always opt for a splash of color with a nice accent chair, rug or throw.

Leave some personal items out as conversation starters

Family photos, graduation photos or pictures of you with friends can make for great conversation starters. They give your date a little glimpse into your life and can make you seem more human.

If you have a cool record collection or you like to read books, leave them out on show. These types of things give little indicators as to the type of person you are. Don’t be afraid to show off your quirks!

Become more minimalist

The less stuff you have, the less it collects dust and the less you have to organize. Throw out the things you don’t use and keep to a more minimalistic style – it’ll make the place seem much tidier.

Have a selection of drinks in the fridge

Stock up the fridge with a selection of drinks so you can give your date a few options. Cold beers, wine, sparkling water or juice are always a good bet. Tea and coffee are also good for when you wake up in the morning.

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