How to Keep the Flame Burning Amidst the Lockdown

As pubs, date nights and bowling dates are out of the question for now, couples are facing two opposing problems. First, there are the ones who feel like they need a little space from each other, while others feel estranged and separated because they are not in the same household. Catering to both problems, we have a few solid tips for couples to keep their chemistry strong, even in these trying times.

Think Outside the Box, Figuratively Speaking!

Just because you two are stuck at home, doesn’t mean that the time has to be as boring. In fact, if you play your cards right, this could really become the perfect opportunity to grow even closer to each other, both physically and mentally.

Sex is one of the keys to keeping that flame alive of course, but given how long this lockdown can last, it too can become somewhat boring after a while! Instead of going through the same motions time and again, try to spice things up a bit by trying new ideas. Visit Cammies on the Floor to find new ideas, sensual games and much more. It’s perfect to bring you and your partner’s kinky side into private spotlight, as well as cutting through that boredom.

Cooking Together

Carnal desires play a key role, but they are not sufficient to sustain a relationship and keep the flame alive all on their own. There is a very clear connection between food and romance if you think about it, and nothing brings two people closer together than being involved in the act of cooking that food! Even if only one or even none of you are particularly adept at cooking, now is the perfect time to learn a few recipes online and make mistakes together. You may have to eat a few pieces of burned toast or overcooked meat at times, but it will taste awesome, just because you two made it together.

Why Not Miss Her/him a Little?

Sometimes, after we have spent a good few years in a relationship, it’ easy for two people living under the same roof to take each other for granted. It’s not always anybody’s fault, but just how things turn out at times. For those that are stuck in different places, they will miss each other during this time and, as strange as it may sound, it can do wonders for a relationship too. Sometimes, all we need is a break, (caused by an epidemic or not!) to truly understand and appreciate what we have. Once the quarantine is over, flames will reignite just because of that, for a lot of couples.

We skipped the part about video chats and texting because that’s just stating the obvious. However, by adding these few ideas and perspectives to your view of the relationship, you will find that by the time the quarantine is over, you and your partner may have just grown closer together than you were before.

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