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How to Tell if Your Heart is Truly ‘in it’ After Several Dates

The dating game is not for the shy and retiring types, especially not these days, and if you use online dating sites and apps, it is usually tricky to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

Once you match with a potential partner, especially if you are searching for more than casual relations, becoming exclusive and getting more serious is another minefield to navigate with that being said, here is how to tell if your heart is ‘in it’ after several dates. 

You Actually Want to Know More About Them 

Everyone at some point in their lives has experienced at least one conversation whereby it feels like you are pulling teeth and you just want to jump out of the nearest window and run away.

On dates, this can be the most awkward and uncomfortable experience. Still, if the opposite is true and moreover, you genuinely want to know everything you can about them, and you find them intriguing, this is an exceedingly good sign. 

Introduce Them to Your Beloved Pets 

You may think you know yourself, your personality, and what you think best suits you in a potential partner better than anyone else, but you must also see whether or not your fur babies agree with you.

Allow them to meet and (hopefully) bond with your pets and see how they react to the individual animal’s behavior. 

Should you decide to move in together further down the line, remember that your pet’s welfare is of top priority (much more so than any man, of course), and as such, if you ever need to transport your precious furry cargo and cannot do it yourself, make sure you only ever use reputable Shiply USA shipping quotes

You Can See Your Lives Conjoining with No Problems 

Obviously, compromise (as well as trust) forms the foundation of any serious relationship. There will obviously be more than a few points to discuss regarding the future should you both choose to be exclusive and give this a proper go. 

However, if everything from conversation to arrangements and future dates seems relatively easy and your lives could potentially mesh together with little to no disruption on either side, this is an excellent sign of good things to come. 

No Problems Arguments Are Settled Calmly 

Finally, some people wrongly assume that a relationship fraught with large arguments indicates the presence of passion and intensity, whereas in reality, constant arguments can be incredibly damaging to your own mental health and wellbeing. 

Even if you have not yet had even the slightest disagreement with you and your date, it is important to assess how they react when you do differ on a particular topic, interest, or belief. Make sure that they always treat both you and your views with respect and let you say everything you want and need to say on the subject. In addition, after an argument, if you feel as if you know a little more about the other person, this is another excellent green flag!

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