Introducing the World Of Online Dating

Are you still in search for the love of your life? Have you just gotten out of a bad relationship and feel the need to get back on to the dating scene?

Well, whatever your motives are, you are more than welcome to join the dating party online! You’d surprised to know just how many others are stuck in the same situation as you. Some are fed up with real-life romance and find solace in meeting new people online. Others have gone tired of waiting for “The One” and would rather actively search for that significant person themselves. There are also those who are too terrified to engage in love relationships in real life and would rather try their luck in cyber dating. 

If your reason for searching for your sweetheart online aligns with any of the ones mentioned above or even if you have a completely different reason for wanting to join the online dating scene, then you’ve come to the right article. 

Today, we are going to introduce you to the exciting and wonderful world of online dating – what it is, why you should do it, and how you should go about it. Love is always a good idea so I’m more than happy to help you out in every way I can!

So, first things first, what is online dating anyway?

What You Need To Know About Online Dating  

Online dating has been a thing for decades now – but the thing we have now may just be a tad different than what people used to have before (read more). If you’re a 90’s kid, you would probably be familiar with YM or Yahoo Messenger (though it has recently been shut down in 2018). Mind you, there were more messenger websites way back in the late 90’s but I think YM is one of the most popular ones. 

Although the app wasn’t necessarily meant for dating, it was a common medium for people to meet and get to know each other. They were one of the few websites that allowed video calls back then so you can pretty much say that it was somehow where most people started to date online. 

I can still vividly remember the acronym “ASL.” It’s one of the first things strangers ask you when you first meet online. It means “Age, Sex, and Location.” Since the people logging on to the internet are quite random and global, this is something that someone asks you on the initial conversation. After all, you don’t really want to create romantic ties with someone halfway across the globe without knowing about it right? In the same way, you don’t really want to be the last to know that the person you’re having a conversation with lives a few blocks away from you. Age and sexual orientation was also much needed information before you started engaging with someone.

Aside from YM, there was also a time when websites like Omegle hogged the spotlight. I think the website is still running to this day but I’m not too sure if it is still as popular as it was before. In Omegle what happens is that you randomly get connected to a stranger’s line. It’s your choice whether you just chat or use video. If you like what you see or who you’re talking to and he/she seems to like your company too, you can chat for hours on end. 

If not, you simply hit the next button and you’ll be transferred to another line. I guess the website became popular because it was exciting and totally random. It’s as if you’ll never know who you end up talking with. Sometimes it’s a prince, sometimes it’s a creep – it’s a gamble really.

Now, let’s fast forward to 2019.

What Is Online Dating In 2019 Like?

For starters, it is fast – like really, really fast. It’s like one moment you’re introducing yourself to each other and next thing you know, you’re out having dinner (and maybe even dessert soon after, if you know what I mean). It’s no wonder why people call it “speed dating.” Everything really happens way too fast that it feels like lightning struck you. And while it certainly feels like you’ve been swept off your feet, it also hardly lasts. Here’s why:

Aside from traditional and earnest websites like Dating Throne, we also have apps like Tinder, Cupid, and Grindr in this day and age. They have this “swipe left, swipe right” system to help you find your “match.” While they’re pretty convenient applications that help you filter out “date potentials.” It can also make things progress way too fast that you literally don’t know if what you share with a certain person is special or not. 

What usually happens is that you are given the chance to browse through sets of profiles. The profiles that come up depend on the kind of filters you apply (age, proximity, gender, etc.). If you like what you see, you swipe right. If not, you swipe left. So, do you get to converse with the ones you like all the time? 

Well, no. You don’t get to converse with everyone you swiped right for. Basically, you need them to return the favour. So if you swiped right and your profile happens to come up on the other party’s side and he/she swipes right too, then that makes the two of you a match. It is from this point that Tinder or other similar apps allow you and your match to meet and talk it out. 

Most people would spend a lot of time talking. They will talk for hours and hours on end until they’re comfortable enough with each other. They then set up a date in the real world. After all, apps like Tinder match you with people who are geographically accessible to you. However, there are also people who could care less about establishing a “connection” with the other person. They would just meet and hook up and bid farewell the day after. And no one’s judging, okay?

So I guess it really depends on what you feel like doing. Are you here for just temporary company? Or, are you looking for something more substantial? Either way, you’ll find what you seek when you try online dating!    

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