The casino a perfect place for a first date?

Bars can soon become boring, restaurants repetitive and the cinema a slog – for your next first date, why not try something completely different? Casinos can offer a fun and relaxed environment for you and your prospective partner to get to know one another… and perhaps even strike it rich at the same time!

Of course, the old saying suggests that you can’t be lucky in love and cards at the same time, but James Bond seemed to manage it just fine, didn’t he? Forget the fact that he was emotionally damaged, slightly sexist and entirely fictional, 007 was the master of charming both Lady Luck and the girl at the same time, as well as bumping off a few bad guys in the process.

While we don’t recommend that last part at all, you can certainly win the jackpot and the girl… as long as you play your cards right. Here are some top tips about how to make your debut date in a casino go to plan.

Dress for the occasion

Why is Bond so effortlessly cool and attractive to women? Well, snappy one-liners and shaken martinis certainly don’t do any harm, but Bond’s impeccable wardrobe is a key facet of his appeal. Give your tuxedo an airing and shake the dust of your cummerbund to make a visual statement about your personality; after all, you’ll get no second chance to make a first impression and nothing exudes confidence and charm like immaculate evening wear. Probably best to leave your laser-enhanced timepiece and bayoneted shoes at home, though.

Budget accordingly

It’s no good waltzing up to the roulette table and losing all of your money for the night in one go. Similarly, you probably won’t knock the suspenders off your date if you spend all night on the penny slots, either… so find a happy medium whereby you can make measured bets that straddle the line between thrift and extravagance. On the same lines, if you find yourself entering a bad run, take a timeout to grab something to eat or order a cocktail to calm your nerves. You’ll be back on the winning side before you know it.

James Bond, Casino Royale - casino good for a first date?

Don’t neglect your date

Whilst a certain amount of eyelash-fluttering at Lady Luck will keep your date interested (especially if you’re winning), any descent into serious gambling is a big turn-off (especially if you’re losing). Make sure you don’t let the dollar signs blind you to the real reason why you’re there – getting to know your companion. Instead, let the natural highs and inescapable thrills of the casino break the ice and reduce the tension, not dominate proceedings. You’re here to have fun, after all! If you make a mint in the process, all the better… but it shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of the evening.

What would James do?

If in doubt, just remember the simple mantra: WWJD? No, not Jesus – he wasn’t all too fond of gambling; we’re talking about James Bond! The quintessential cool guy is instinctively able to react to any occurrence with composure and grace, so if the proverbial hits the fan (or the roulette wheel) and you feel the date is going off the rails, just imagine how Her Majesty’s Finest would approach the situation. Invariably, tranquillity and tact are the cornerstones upon which you should build any game-plan, while a good dose of humour never goes amiss. Keep calm, and think of England.

Make or break

A casino can be an excellent starting point for your relationship – win or lose, you’re likely to discover whether you have a genuine connection regardless. If you end up empty-handed, your date’s reaction can be very revealing of their true colours. On the other hand, should the pair of you strike it rich, you’re going to know without even thinking about it whether you’d rather ditch them and spend the winnings alone… or head to the nearest airport together! In that sense, a casino can be a great place to separate the wheat from the dating chaff. If you like the idea of an experience at the Casino for your date then know what you are doing and have a look though Casinopedia.org for tips and strategy.

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