The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of International Dating

Are you tired of meeting the same type of people all over again? Maybe it’s time to go outside the box and venture to international dating.

You might be wondering where and how you can meet a person who has a different nationality as you. Well, the internet will be your best friend if you are too shy about meeting new people offline.

To untangle all your complicated thoughts, let’s take a look at the simplest ways to be successful on international dating.

1. Make a list of your ideal partner’s characteristics

Before you dive into online dating, give yourself some time to find out the ideal traits you’re looking for in a partner. There are lots of qualities you could think of, but there’s always a certain feature that you find very attractive.

If the idea hits your mind, write it down immediately so you won’t forget it. This will help you filter your potential pool and find matches that really fits those criteria.

2. Choose a dating website that matches your interests

There are thousands of online dating sites that are available today. Make sure you choose the best one that will give you a higher chance of finding the person you like.

If you are interested in Russian singles, then make sure you select a race-based dating site for meeting Russian singles like TrulyRussian. Generic dating sites will give you a lot of potential dates, but it could make it harder for you to find someone who has the same qualities that you’re looking for.

3. Don’t just stick to online dating

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Joining an online dating site/app is not a replacement for the traditional way of dating. It’s just a platform that makes your search easier and connect you with like-minded singles.

With just one swipe/click, you will be given a list of users that match your criteria. Once you have found someone ideal, start by building a relationship with them either through instant messaging or video calls before taking your relationship offline.

4. Take some considerations if a person is worth dating

Nobody’s perfect, neither is your soulmate.

There probably is a person out there who’s a 100% match for you according to your dating preferences. But the thing is, you could have a hard time finding them or miss out meeting people you could have better chemistry with.

Be open to meeting new people (even if they’re the opposite of what you’re looking for), sometimes the person who is a complete opposite of your ideal type turns out to be the best person for you.

5. Beware of scammers

Online dating is fun and exciting, but your safety should be your number one priority. Scammers are everywhere!

Legit online dating companies are trying their best to protect their users from scammers and catfishes. It’s actually a golden rule to never give out any personal information or money to anyone you just met online.

No matter how good looking they are or how sad their story is, don’t fall into their traps. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are some tips on how to spot and avoid scammers.

6. Divert yourself to be more positive

Online dating could sometimes be a bit overwhelming and tiring. But it’s also best if we keep up a positive attitude.

If you think that you are unsuccessful in online dating, consult your trusted friends and let them judge how your online dating profile looks and how you respond to messages.

They could point out what you might be doing wrong either on your profile or the messages you send.

7. Be honest on your dating profile

The only way you can find your ideal match is when you allow yourself to be open to anyone else. Don’t hide the qualities that make you who you are.

Other people want to know the real you, so never let them down by giving too many expectations. The person who truly loves you will accept you for who and what you are.


Hi, I’m Victoria. I’m not a psychologist or a therapist, instead my relationship advice comes from real life dating experience and lessons learnt by trial and error. All the guys I’ve dated have been very different but I certainly came across my fare share of “Mr Unavailable” types, so if you find yourself in a situation with a guy who won’t commit, hopefully these stories will help.

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