things to do when you invite a guy over

Things to do when you invite a guy over

So you’ve invited a guy over to your place and you want to leave a good impression without doing anything that could scare him off.

To start with, it’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to get ready so you’re feeling comfortable and relaxed. First decide what you’ll do – whether it’s enjoying a home cooked dinner together or simply watching a movie and opening a bottle of wine. After that, there are a few things you can do to prep your home:

Clear up clutter

Make sure you clear your clothes off your bed and definitely don’t leave any period underwear lying around! Clean the dishes, wipe down the counters and vacuum the floor so you’re living room looks nice. Wash those bedsheets too so they’re clean and don’t have any stains on them.

Make sure your lady parts are groomed

I mean, if you love having a full bush then go for it, it’s your body after all. But a little grooming never hurt. Shave your legs, tweeze those brows, wax your vagina and give those toe nails a pedicure.

Hide anything you don’t want him to see

Keep a diary next to your bed where you journal about how much you love your new crush? You, might want to hide it somewhere far out of sight, deep in your wardrobe or preferably in the land of Narnia where it’ll never be found.

The same goes for things like menstrual cups and medicines. Perhaps you want to wait till you know him a bit better before he sees your anxiety medications and thrush cream.

Put on something comfortable, but sexy

It’s important to look relaxed and comfortable when you invite him over. You’re in your own home, so he knows you don’t walk around your living room in tight dresses and heels. Wear some lounge wear that’s comfortable but also a little bit figure hugging. Perhaps some lounge pants and a V-neck white tee.

Clear your computer history

You never know, you might need to open your laptop to show him something, or even watch a movie. Make sure you clear you clear your browser history – you don’t want him to see that you’ve been searching Google for “things to do when you invite a guy over”. Clear your desktop of any old photos of exes, or anything else you don’t want him to see.

Turn off phone notifications

If you’ve been chatting with your best friend about your new guy, you might want to turn your phone notification previews off. The last thing you want is for him to see a bunch of notifications on your home screen saying “how’s the dick?”. Or even worse, a flirty text from another guy!

Turn off the previews so he can’t see the content of the messages flashing up while you’ve popped to the bathroom.

Create a nice ambience

Invest in some room spray, essential oils and diffusers. Dim the lights or turn on some fairy lights or a lamp. Light a candle – anything to make the atmosphere a little more romantic. No need to go overboard though – one candle will do.

Clean under the toilet seat

Men lift the toilet seat up when they pee, and you never know what nasty stains might be lurking under there. Clean under the toilet seat with some bathroom cleaner so there aren’t any surprises.

Have an idea of what you want to watch

If you’re inviting a guy over you’ll probably want to watch something on the TV. Perhaps have an idea of a movie or TV show you might like to watch so you’re not spending hours trawling through Netflix looking for something.

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