biggest turn offs for men on a first date

What are the Biggest TURN OFFS for men on a first date?

It’s date night ladies! You know what that means? Disappointment and hair pulling at the stupidity of men It’s time to put those stilettos on and put away those comfy granny panties that you wear around the house. You may even feel inspired enough to do a double take on those legs to see if you missed a patch with le razor. But before I send you off out into the wilderness armed with those aforementioned sexy heels, let’s discuss some bad habits to leave at the door, just in case Todd the Tennis Guy ends up being Mr. Right – or at least acceptable enough to end the cold streak with a couple glasses of merlot.

biggest turnoffs for men on a first date

So without further adieu, here is a list of the biggest turn offs for men on a first date:

Bringing Up Exes

According to my lady friend sitting next to me, I talk about my exes all the time, so I am a real scum bag for including this on my list, especially first. Oh well, fuck me right? The moral of the story is to leave the exes back with those roller blades you have in stored in your attic and only talk about them with your dearest friend. It’s a new day and nobody wants to meet someone who clearly hasn’t moved on.

No Sense of Humor

Men like to think they are funny and cleverer than we are. Are we really that funny? Probably not. But we all like to live in our little fantasies of becoming an adored stand up comic. Also, it’s likely you’ll both be a little bit nervous, so any an ability to laugh it off is a huge plus. Not having a sense of humour is definitely one of the biggest turn offs for men.

Bringing up Emotional Baggage

biggest turn offs for men on first date

Everybody has their wounds from past battles, but why would you bring them up on a first date? You want to wait patiently and let that stuff out down the road when he has already moved in with you and is too invested to leave.

Moving into Relationship Zone Material

Few things make me and my fellow man cringe harder than being given a dating checklist on our first date. It is a huge red flag when someone shows too much interest too quickly. So relax and let the date/s unfold naturally before you think of babies and his and her towels. After all, you may find out on date three that the guy still has and actively sleeps with a baby blanket…who would want to date that weirdo?

Boring Answers

People often think of answers as being right or wrong, black or white, but the truth of the matter is that I and my brethren will die a much slower, more agonizing death if you just give us one word answers to questions. Nothing makes the heart sing louder than to get an unexpected answer – good or bad. Everyone wants to star in an adventure movie. Be fun – you are competing with a night of Netflix binge watching after all.

Playing on your Smart Phone

biggest turn offs for men on first date

Odds are if you are a millennial this is like asking you to abstain from breathing, but bear with me. What conveys ‘I don’t give a fuck about you’ more than averting your eyes for something shared on a lame social media site you will be ashamed of saying you used 10 years from now? Do what our grandparents generation did and at least give the person your full attention as you tell them directly you aren’t interested.

Judgmental or patronizing

Nobody likes their parade being rained on, so on a first date ladies, do leave the judgement for reality TV show watching. Guys hate being criticized and judged. It reminds us of being scolded by mom, and nothing will make a date clam up faster than sitting across from his mother.

High Maintenance or Demanding

There is only room in our future relationship for one diva and that is me. No…wait. You know what is sexy? Easy going-ness. Showing you are a lot of work before you have shown that you are in fact worthy of the effort is a great way to belly flop off the shitty date high dive.

What are YOUR biggest turn offs on a first date? Leave your comments below!

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