where to meet women in your 30s

Where to Meet Women in your 30s (and older)

When it comes to meeting women in your 30s (or even older), hitting up the bars and nightclub scene feels like the last thing on the planet you want to be doing.

Forcing yourself to go and to interact will feel like a chore, and if it feels like a chore, your vibe will reflect as such. Picking the right venue to meet women in your 30s can determine so much of the dating dance that it can make or break you, as it sets the tone for the whole interaction. Picking the right scene can set yourself up for a higher probability of success, while picking the wrong scene can doom you before you even open your mouth.

While some ‘pick up gurus’ out there teach that you can pick up a woman anytime, anywhere regardless of the circumstances, the reality is that some situations are just more inherently natural and will be much more congruent with who you are as person – especially since you are no longer in your 20s. From doing things that you actually enjoy doing to eliminating as many confounding variables outside your control (ie, drunk dudes, her defensive friends, being a cliché), picking where to meet women in your 30s on your terms can infinitely improve your dating life and your life as a whole. Here is a list of some ideas on where to bring your social life to after the drunken bar and nightclub scene has lost its luster:

Happy Hour & Trivia Nights

where to meet women in your 30s

The vibe change from a late night weekend at a bar to the beloved 4-6pm Happy Hour makes it a different sport all together. Everybody loves cheaper drinks and great appetizers. The mood is that of relief as the day is over and hopefully the stress is left at the door, so it is the perfect time to chat to a nice looking stranger. Unlike a late night bar session, your reason for being at Happy Hour is to be more friendly social and food driven. If Happy Hour isn’t your thing, check out mid week for local bars that sponsor trivia nights. Nothing works better at building rapport than working together to beat other inebriated people.

Intramural sports

where to meet women in your 30s

Your college days maybe numbered, but that beer pooch you got is now more pronounced. Why not nix the beer belly while making some new friends? Intramural sports leagues are a great way to get into shape and meet other younger-ish people who aren’t into just getting hammered.

The Supermarket

where to meet women in your 30s

Leave the banana, melon, and any other sexual food joke at home when cruising the market. Check out organic and hipper market find swarms of single women who are into being healthy. Try asking questions of local patrons to learn not just about them but about cooking and lifestyle in general. This is a great non-creepy way to meet people where you end up learning to better yourself in the process.


where to meet women in your 30s

You smile will say it all. When you do things that you enjoy, your body language can’t help but follow along. Meeting likeminded folks at concerts and festivals is great because you already have a built in common interest to talk about. Likewise, you will have a great ‘where you met each other’ story. Women love that.

Fitness classes

where to meet women in your 30s

Group classes are all the rage these days. From specialty yoga studios to commercial box gyms offering group classes, we are in a golden era in terms of health and fitness while being social. Group classes are one of the best ways to get social while getting that hard bum you always dreamed of.

The Dog Park

where to meet women in your 30s

Don’t have a pooch, hop on Rover.com and get paid to dog sit. Your side kick, or best friend if you already were smart enough to get one of your own, will be the best wing man you have ever had. The dog park is great because you have a reason to be there and countless women nowadays get dogs as companions too. Win-Win.

Coffee shops

Where to meet women in your 30s

With so many people working remotely these days, coffee shops have never been fuller. While people may be in work mode, it is also a very casual place to strike up conversations especially if you and her are regulars at said establishment.

Social Clubs & Organizations

where to meet women in your 30s

And last, but not least, is the old gold standard of meeting women in your 30s: social clubs. From the high brow crowd of the symphony to gaming clubs, this route for meeting singles is a great way to meet someone with similar interests and that has the mindset to pursue their interests instead of just bar hopping. Like hiking? Pick up some hiking poles and join your nearest walking group. Always thought of yourself as a wine connoisseur? See if there’s a local wine lovers club in the area.


Got any hidden gems for places to meet other singles after 30? Drop us some knowledge in the comments below.

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